UV Light Sanitizer Handheld Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Without Chemicals for Home Household Hotel Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area Travel Wand Portable

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ANTI-GERM RATE UP TO 99.9%-260-280nm UV wavelength with the strongest disinfection effect uv wavelengths in killing and destroying molecular structures in bacterial viruses, causing cell death and achieving the effect of sterilization.

EASY TO USE-You only need to long press the button 5S and then the UVC light is on and move it across the target surface a speed of about 0.3m/s.

EASY TO CARRY-The size: 9 * 1.8 * 1.5in. Weight: 0.4lb. Battery power and USB Rechargeable. It's easy to carry and put in your handbag. It's easy to put in a handbag, whether at home or on a trip. No matter where you go, you can make sure that you live in a clean environment.

WIDELY USED-It can be used in mobile phones, iPads, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, mugs, steering wheels, hotel and family closets, toilets and pet areas to achieve all-round anti germ!

WARNING TIP-Please don't use this ultraviolet disinfection lamp on people’s eyes and skin. Provide excellent friendly after-sales service, if you have any problems with your order, please contact us by email. The surface of transparent lens may be turn to yellow color after working a while, this is normal, it does not affect product's performance.


Product Name:UVC-Led deep ultraviolet sterilizer


Battery capacity: 2000mAh


Product Size: 236*48 *40mm

Voltage: DC5V=1A


Weight: About 200g

Timing:About 1.5hours -2.0hours


Packing List

1: host × 1

2: USB cable × 1

3: Instruction manual × 1

4: Guangwei test report × 1

5: carrying bag × 1

Function and Indicator Description

1.Charging function: When connected to DC 5 V / 1 A for charging, the indicator light is red, and the fully charged indicator light is green

2.Disinfection and sterilization function: long press the button 5S to turn on, the blue indicator light is on, and the UVC disinfection and sterilization light is on, which indicates that the disinfection can be started. Swipe back and forth 5 to 10 times against the item to be disinfected .   

3.Gravity sensor switch: When the machine is turned over, the blue indicator light and UVC disinfection and sterilization lamp are turned off at the same time when the machine is turned over. After the angle is restored, the blue indicator light and UVC disinfection and sterilization lamp are turned on at the same time. Minutes work time.


1. Please fully charge the machine before use;

2: Before the machine is turned on, please use this product correctly, open the flip cover, the lamp beads must be facing downwards, never look directly at the UVC lamp with the naked eye;

3. The product cannot be turned on when it is under charge;

4. Please use a voltage-compliant adapter for charging, otherwise the product may be damaged;

5. Do not use near strong magnets when using;