Herb Grinder Weed Grinder with Unique Printing 2.2" Wide, Black

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  • HIGH QUALITY GRINDER - Stainless steel with an anodized zinc coating creates an almost indestructible grinder that will not corrode, chip, scratch or contaminate the contents.
  • HIGH END DESIGN created by SookuDesign and UV sealed with a polyurethane coating for a 3D effect which is also self healing. Small scratches and cuts heal themselves!
  • PRECISION CUT STEEL on laser guided CNC machines for an ultra smooth grind with perfect threading and seals!
  • THE ULTIMATE GRINDING EXPERIENCE... Or your Money BACK! Dimensions: 2.2” wide and 1.75” Tall (63mm)
  • PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT - The SookuDesign grinder comes with a pollen scraper and the SookuDesign Gift box for gift giving and safe keeping.